Greek Traditional Archery

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Delta Target Face

TAG-MAG Archery Game

Inspired by the teachings of the ancient Greek Philosophers Pythagoras and Plato, the Delta Target brings a new dimensionto the Archery Games.

The Delta Target was created for the special needs  of the advanced Traditional Archer.
With that in mind Tac-Ellas Ierax System created this target for a New Archery Game in which the Archers experience fun,adrenaline and also sharpen their skills and spirits.

Delta Target includes the 3 basic geometrical shapes ( Triangle, Square and Cyrcle )
.As Plato the Great Greek Philosopher used to say " θεὸν ἀεί γεωμετρεῖν " !
What is Plato’s meaning when he says that God always applies Geometry.
Based on the phrase of Plato, above, a present day mnemonic for π (pi) was derived:
π = 3.14159265359...
ἀεὶ ὁ θεὸς ὁ μέγας γεωμετρεῖ τὸ σύμπαν
Aeì ho theòs ho mégas geōmetreî tò sýmpan.

GOD applies geometry to the universe
Golden Ratio
Φ = 1.61803398875...

Plato describes  the famous Pythagorean Lamvdoma  in "Timaeus". On both sides of the Lamvdoma  are  the powers of 2 (2,4,8) and 3 (3,9,27) that create our world

O Πλάτωνας παρέδωσε στον «Τίμαιο» το περίφημο πυθαγόρειο Λάμβδωμα στις δύο πλευρές του οποίου τοποθετούνται οι δυνάμεις του 2 (2,4,8) και του 3 (3,9,27) που δημιουργούν τον κόσμο μας.

For the origin and heritage of this ancient symbol-form (Tetraktys) one must look deep into hisroty and the secrets that are hidden within. The Pythagorian Society kept the secrets very well hidden from the rest of the world.

No doubt that this geometrical form is Greek and the resemblances this target has with the rest (Chinese,Tibetan, Peruan etc.) are coincidentall .

One must  be colorblind, unable to count or have no geometrical knowledge and unable to count if he claims that the two targets are identical or share the same principals.

If one also takes the time to examines the rules of the game for competition he will understand the complete diferent philosophy behid it.

Delta Target Rules

The goal of the game is to give the advanced archer the oportuinity to hit the target with accuracy and exclude the lucky hits to the minimum. Only the able can score here.
This is no beginners game, It is a game for intellectuals, it's a game for MASTERS.

1.Tournament Application

The innovation in the Delta Target is the introduction of the negative point system. Any hit outside the triangle equals to minus points for the score.
 So hiting inside the white space inside the big Cyrcle equalst to -1 point and hitting inside the two litle black cyrcles  (black holes) equals to -5 points. Every arrow outside the big cyrcle is equal to -2 points and outside the square-target  -3 points.
The plus areas are :
Red         = 1 point
Orange   = 2 points
Yellow     = 3 points
Green     = 4 points
Blue        = 5 points

2.Duel Application
If there are only 2 Archers present and like to have a quick skill test or get to the finals of the  Tournament with equal score then the Black Holes ( 2 smal black cyrcles ) can become the bull-eye and everything outside counts as zero 0. Each player takes one Black Hole.The best scorer out of 5 arrows is the winner.


The distances for the tournament for the 60cm Delta target are 10 meter  min.  to 30 meter max. and for the 90cm Delta target 35 meter min.  to 90 meter  max.

The distances for the final Duel Game can be determined by the 2 finalists.


1. You download the file here and print it out.
3. You take a  target face,60cm or 90cm, turn it around and start drawing at the blank backside.

Delta Target Dimensions

Circle Diameter                         60cm or 90cm
Base Lenght of Triangle           60cm or 90cm
Height of Triangle                     60cm or 90cm
Red Zone Height                 15cm      or  22,5 cm
Orange Zone Height          11,25cm   or  16,87cm
Yellow Zone Height            11,25cm   or  16,87cm
Green Zone Height            11,25cm   or  16,87cm
Blue Zone Height               11,25cm   or  16,87cm
Black Hole Diameter                 6cm   or   9 cm
(the Black Holes have to be drawn symetrical to the green Zone)

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