Greek Traditional Archery

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                  O-MEGA Target

Omega Target is the evolution of the Delta Target and is aiming to bring a hole new meaning  to tactical target shooting.
O-Mega Target is here to offer more fun and excitment for the expert archer.
If you have mastered the Delta-Target then you will lose your mind with this one.
The O-Mega Target is introducing  new frontiers in any form of practiced archery.
Traditional and instinctive archers are the first target group , olympic and compound the second.

Solo Practice

Its harder and its for the very skilled to get the score right with this one.
Its beter to miss the  target completly than to  hit the wrong spot.

Black Area                 -5 Points
White Area                 -2 Points
Yellow Area                -1 Points
Small Target Cyrcles  -3 Points

Red Area                   +3 Points
Blue Area                  +5  Points

Duel Practice

For two  archers the target can be devided in two sections : left and right.
The first to get one  arrows in each of ithe following areas is the winner :
1 Red area
and last 
1 Blue area

The Yellow area is not allowed and any arrow hitting inside that area will disqualify the archer.
Also any hit inside the 7 litle cycles on the Target will also disqualiry the archer.

Multiple Players

This new target can support up to 6 skilled Archers and 1 expert marksman.
The 6 peripheral small cyrcles and the  smaller one in the center are the only areas that can win the game.
 Hitting the white area disqualifies the one who is aiming in the center cyrcle
Hitting the Red or Blue area disqualifies the players aiming at the peripheral cyrcles.
Hitting the black area or any area outside the target also disqualifies every player.

Have fun and good luck !

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