Greek Traditional Archery

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TAC - Mag Martial Archery Game


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DUEL                                                                                                                  Ελληνική Μετάφραση

Lets take a journey, going back in time to the good old days, in the era where men would duel for  the outcome of a battle, for the honor of  arms , to uphold  the name and reputation or for the eyes of a seductive femme fatale.

Especially since  the 12th century AD in  the distant island of Japan, which was dominated by the elite Samurai, a warlord would  challenge  his opponent before the battle in an  archery duel. He would shoot  a special whistling  arrow for the duel to begin.  This could influence the outcome of the battle before the fighting even started.
Weapon: The Japanese bow (Yumi) at 50 meters or more.
Purpose: To  prevent mass slaughter and avoid  unnecessary bloodshed and also  for a quick victory.
Today, of course these codes of conduct and honor have been surpassed.
Remembering, however, gave birth to the need for an archery  game that will bring elements back to the present day and  safely entertain participants.
First priority in this game is  safety and that is why we must  pay great attention to the manner and the means by which this game is  conducted.


-Archers set the distance from  30 to 50 meters (depending on archers abilities).
- Each player  has a single, specific for this game, designed arrow.
  Players fire their shots after a signal is given by a referee or at will if alone.
- The players are not allowed to move. After the first shot, and since no one has any more  arrows at hand the 2 arrows are gathered and the duel continues for another two rounds.
- If during the game the player manages to catch the arrow in flight  he wins 5 points (arrows move slowly due to their design and for security reasons).
- If one player  successfully hits his opponent  he wins 10 more points.
- Winner at the end of the third round  is declared the player  with the most points.
- The process can be repeated until one of the two players manages to reach 30 points first. (or some other sum set at the start).


  TAC - Mag Soft Ball Arrows (Carbon Arrows)
  TAC - Mag Traditional Bow (25 lbs)
  TAC - Mag protective Μask                           -      (optional for adults)
  TAC - Mag Shield                                           -      (optional for minors)

The inventor of this great game  TAC-MAG Duel, is the founder of the IERAX Archery Fighting System KAPANTAIS.K. In this game the archers learn the foundations of traditional archery and overcome the fear of target panic since the target now is alive and able to shoot back. It is recommended for adults and minors over 16 years of age  with adult supervision only.

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